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插图 by 灵胤流

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Day 1! Favorite JOJO!

I’m doing the 30 Days Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Challenge I think? I’m not sure how much I can do? I might actually bunch a couple in one day… 

But anyway my favorite JOJO is Joseph! Him in part 3 is my best but he is so much fun to have as main protagonist in part 2 too! He’s awesome but not always perfect, and can be serious and also be hilarious, he’s just a great shonen manga hero to look up to! 


being sick isn’t fun

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Ace Attorney Pixel Chibis!

Disclaimer: I did not design these. I saw them in this video, as part of a special edition package for the Gyakuten Saiban 123 Collection. You can see them at 4:17. Credit goes to the great people at Capcom <3

I merely recreated them and did the little animation :) Hope you enjoy!

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sketched Franziska wearing her 13y/o outfit ahahaha <3

"Foolish fool, Miles Edgeworth. I can still perfectly fit with my 13 years old clothes.” 

A von Karma can fit with his or her clothes on her lifetime

Oh man ahaha I love Franziska so much XD!

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"Incident At McDuck Tower" (1991)

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Did another one because I miss doing this challenge

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