I love the kumas! Didn’t even get DR2 and Japan is getting Another Story in September u.u I am so excited for this one, seriously!

Kurokuma pimp game is too strong lol 

I was bored so I did the Ace Attorney sorter thing (sans DD DLC case and AAI2)

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brown bears or polar bears


I like both but I have a a slight bias towards the latter :>

Make me choose between:

_________ or _________

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Someone teach me how to breed an HP Ice Manectric with good IVs. I have no clue how and I’ve even gotten a 6 IV Manectric before the HP Ice one I wanted.

(If it helps I’m using a 6 IV Ditto with a 31/18/31/31/31/31 Electrike)


Yay Shirokuma and Kurokuma edits
From Danganronpa: Another Episode

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Day 3 ~ Favourite Dragon Type

I’m obsessed with Noiverns mannnnn… ;w; Hydreigon coming in second. Ahhhhhhhh bubu.

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Luna’s ending always makes me want to cry.

Morning break doodle. Messed up on her outfit a bit.